Friday, November 5, 2010

Hello Dearies, i know...i know....I've been slacking big time...But I promise loads of goodies for the year end with Christmar coming and all! :) However, rest assured, I've only been slacking from blogging & not from my beloved beads. Anyway, here are some of the stuff...

Code: Nuggets
Description: Blue turqoise stones + silver beads [Lenght - 23 cm toggle-to-toggle]
Price: RM 25 [Available]

Code: Pearly Nuggets II
Description: Turqoise stones + Fresh water pearls [Lenght- 22 cm toggle-to-toggle]
Price: RM30 [Available]

 Code: Pinky
Description: Round & Donut shaped Rose quartz + stone chips [Length- 21cm toggle-to-toggle]
Price: RM 30 [Available]

Code: Jonie
Description: Shell Pearls + Red coral tear-drop shaped beads + Rectangular shaped fresh-water pearls [Lenght- 22cm toggle-to-toggle]
Price: RM 25 [Available]

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